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Date Set for Xenoblade

Summer release for new RPG from the folks behind Xenosaga. Official site shares new world details.


Nintendo gave the Xenoblade official site an update today, providing a few additional world details following yesterday's trailer.

Of particular note is a release date. According to the site, the long awaited RPG from the makers of the Xenosaga series (despite the name, it's unrelated to that series) is now set with a final release date of June 10. Pricing was previously announced as ¥6,800 yen.

Other specs listed at the site include the availability of three save files and controller compatibility with Wiimote x Nuncchuck or Classic Controller.

New content at the site includes yesterday's trailer, posted to the trailer section. See this story for a summery of what happens in that trailer.

The world section of the site has been updated with a new area, "Kyoshin to Hitobito," or "Kyoshin and the People."

Kyoshin, literally "giant god," is the name of one of the two humanoid gods who fought an epic battle with one-another long ago and froze into corpses. These corpses, locked in a battle stance, serve as the ground upon which people live. Kyoshin is the side of the world on which the protagonists live. Kishin, literally "machine god," is the other god, and it's the side of the game's antagonists.

"People born from Kyoshin return to Kyoshin," reads the page. The people of the Kyoshin side of the world are apparently full of thanks to the god for the vast fields and nature that have helped to build their civilization.

The people of Kyoshin are split into three tribes:

Homs Tribe
A race that resembles humans. They live in a number of colonies located in the lower half of Kyoshin. Their civilization has developed to a middling level.
Nopon Tribe
A tribe of traveling merchants who can be seen throughout the entirety of the Kyoshin side of the world.
Nienter Tribe
A race of legend that is said to reside in the head region of the Kyoshin part of the world. It is said that they have an ancient history and have built an advanced civilization.

Sections for Kishin Army and God Sword Monado still remain inactive in the world section. Additionally, the site as a whole still has inactive sections for characters, battle, and system, as well as one more slot for a trailer.

Perhaps we can look forward to another update next week.

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