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Square Enix Announces Start of Final Fantasy XIV Alpha

Initial test to end after less than one day.

The alpha client.

The most hardcore of Final Fantasy XI and XIV fans should already know it, but Final Fantasy XIV's alpha test kicked off today at 19:00. It seems that Square Enix followed the tests start by sending out a formal announcement to the local media.

According to Impress Watch, Square Enix refers to the test as the "first alpha test." The company did not disclose the number of participants.

The focus of the first alpha test is on general combat, basic controls and the user interface. Players are able to adventure in the city-state of Limsa Lominsa and its surroundings, fight low level monsters, take part in three opening quests, and try out a sampling of the "guild leve" quests .

Phase one of the alpha test will end in the 9th at 14:00. That's right -- after less than one day. Square Enix will use feedback to update the game and continue on to a second alpha test.

For players outside of Japan, Square Enix says that the first alpha test will also be taking place today in Europe and North America. Its starting time is set for peak hours in all respective territories.

Famitsu and its online counterpart Famitsu.com delivered early impressions from the alpha. See this story for a summary.

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