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Date Set for Sengoku Basara 3

Wii and PS3 multiplatform title arriving in July.



Capcom announced today a final release date of July 29 for Sengoku Basara 3. The multiplatform "stylish hero action" title is being priced ¥6,990 on PS3 and ¥5,990 on Wii.

Visit the official site for a commemorative wallpaper download.

The site also has first details on the game's ending theme. Titled "Gyakkou," the song will be performed by Chiaki Ishikawa and is meant to express sadness and distress that await at the end of the battle that is fought by the Sengoku heroes.

Sengoku Basara puts players in the role of a Sengoku era general. The series started off as a 2006 PlayStation 2 action title. This was followed by a Wii and PS2 sequel, an arcade and PS2 fighting game, and, most recently, a PSP team battle action title. Overseas, the series has seen release under the name "Devil Kings."

Outside of games, Sengoku Basara has expanded to anime and even the stage. In financial reports, Capcom frequently cites the success the franchise has had in drawing in female fans.

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