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New Pokemon Games Named Black and White

The final titles for this Fall's Pokemon event have at last been revealed.


The Pokemon Company has at long last shared the names for its generation five Pokemon titles. The games will be known as Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

These latest Pokemon games, the first original main entries in the series since Diamond and Pearl, are now set for DS release this Fall. They were previously announced with a general 2010 timeframe.

Logos for Black (left) and White (right).

Coinciding with the name announcement, Pokemon opened an official site for the new games. The site, currently in a teaser sate, promises new information on April 15.

The teaser site.

Details have been scarce on the new Pokemon games since their January 29 announcement. Pokemon has thus far provided details and artwork for two new Pokemon creatures who will appear in the game, Zorua and its advanced form Zoroark.

Two new Pokemon creatures for Black & White.

New details should begin to come in with next week's official site update.

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