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Square Enix Details Final Fantasy XI Anniversary Soundtrack

Soundtrack features top songs from series, as selected by players.


Square Enix will be releasing a soundtrack in celebration of Final Fantasy XI's eighth anniversary. Titled "Final Fantasy XI 8th Anniversary - Memories of Dusk and Dawn," the 27 track soundtrack will be released on May 12 at ¥1,800.

There have been many FFXI soundtracks in the past, but Square Enix says that this is the first "best compilation album." To come up with the track set, Square Enix had members of the Square Enix Members fan club vote on their favorite tracks.

Here's the result of the voting:

  • 1. Ragnarok (Wings of the Goddess)
  • 2. Fighters of the Crystal (Rise of the Zilart)
  • 3. Awakening (Final Fantasy XI)
  • 4. Distant Worlds (Chains of Promathia)
  • 5. The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah (Rise of the Zilart)
  • 6. Clash of Standards (Wings of the Goddess)
  • 6. Whispers of the Gods (Treasures of Aht Urhgan)
  • 8. Ronfaure (Final Fantasy XI)
  • 9. Kazham (Rise of the Zilart)
  • 10. Onslaught (Chains of Promathia)

These will all make it onto the new soundtrack. You can hear samples of the top ten, and the remaining 17 tracks, at the soundtrack's official site.

Japanese readers can see more on the voting, including participant comments, at the Square Enix Members special page.

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