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Cuddle Up With Atelier Judie's New Character

Gust promotes recent PSP remake with a pillow case for your full body pillow.


Here's the latest in pillow cases to cover that body pillow you found left behind in the closet when you moved into your new apartment:

The girl on the pillow is the mysterious new character who appears in the PSP remake of Atelier Judie: Alchemist of Gramnad, which hit retail on the 8th.

That's main character Judith to the right.

Gust had illustrator Jun Futaba create two new drawings of the character for the pillow.

Set for release on April 21, the pillow case is 1,600 x 500mm. It's made of 2 Way Tricot, which Gust's press release says is the same material that's used to make swimwear.

Pricing is set at ¥9,980. Yes, that's just for the cover. You'll have to provide your own pillow.

As a bonus, Gust will be including codes that give you access to six downloadable voice messages from the character. She says such things as "That hurts," "I like being pet on the head" and "What should I call you?"

I'm not sure how old the new character is. She's hopefully not as young as main character Judith who, at 16, is in the extreme levels of creepiness range.

For PS3's upcoming Atelier Totori, main character Totooria Helmold is (hopefully) off limits, as she's just 13. Totori's 18-year-old older sister Cecilia, on the other hand...

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