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Project Diva Budget Version Includes a Puchi Nendroid Figure

Sega bundles pre-order bonus with budget re-release.


Here's a reason to buy Sega's budget re-release of Hatsune Miku Project Diva even if you have the original full priced version. Sega will be bundling in a Puchi Nendroid figure.

The budget version of the PSP rhythm game will be released on June 24. The standard version, labeled with Sega's standard "O-kai-doku" or "Value" branding, will sell for ¥3,300.

Sega will also release a "Dekai O-kai-doku," or "Giant Value," version. This will include a Puchi Nendroid figure -- the same figure that was included in limited quantities as a pre-order bonus for the original release.

The packages for the two budget versions look like this:

The original Project Diva was released in July of last year. Sega will be soon expanding the series to an arcade version, a PSP sequel, and a PS3 download something-or-other.

Even if you don't care for the rhythm-based gameplay, you should buy the original because it has a Space Channel 5 costume:

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