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Watch Maids, Lolitas, and Fashionable Boys Play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Konami gives Peace Walker a promotion push targeting beginner players. Famitsu boss guest stars.


This is Konami's new Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker promotional site:

The site is named "Hamaru Gear Solid." Under the Peace Walker airplane/peace logo, the small text says something along the lines of "Make Peace Walker a part of your daily life."

See all those people at the bottom? You can click them to see videos of various groups playing Peace Walker in four player mode. The groups include school girls, "lolitas," skaters, store clerks, salarymen, OLs, "Akihabara college students," "fashionable boys," and Shibuya girls.

The name "Hamaru" is meant to mean two things here. It is, first off, the Japanese word for getting sucked into something. You can say you were totally hamaru over a game (but please don't don't mix Japanese with English unless you want to get punched in the face).

Hamaru also sounds somewhat like this guy's name:

That's Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura. He's apparently hamaru over Peace Walker. He's so hamaru that Konami put him in a Famitsu print ad this week promoting the new site:

According to the Kojima Productions blog, the Hamaru Gear Solid site specifically targets newcomer players. This isn't the first time Konami has tried to target inexperienced players for the Metal Gear Solid series. A few months after Metal Gear Solid 4's release, the company opened a special site for newbie sneakers.

The Hamaru Gear Solid site will see its full opening on April 29, the day Peace Walker launches. There's already a lot of content there, but it seems that launch day will see the unveiling of an anime movie of some form.

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