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Capcom's MT Framework Ready for 3D -- Enterbrain CEO

Development versions of Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet 2 already working in 3D.

So if the development version is 3D-ready, someone at Capcom must have played Resident Evil 5 in 3D.

Mainichi's report from Enterbrain CEO Hirokazu Hamamura's recent game industry lecture covered the basics, from sales predictions to a surprising perspective on the 3DS.

But Mainichi missed one key part of Hamamura's speech. For that, we turn to Famitsu.com, which has posted a more complete summary of the speech.

Towards the end of the speech, Hamamura spoke a bit about 3D technology. Sony is, of course, already working on 3D-ready PlayStation 3 games, he said. But 3rd parties aren't being left behind.

Capcom appears to be ahead of the game here. The company's MT Framework game engine, which powers games like Resident Evil 5 and Lost Planet, is 3D compatible, said Hamamura. Resident Evil 5 was already 3D-ready back when it was in development. Lost Planet 2's development version is also 3D-ready.

Hamamura's comments probably shouldn't be taken to mean that RE5 and LP2 will be upgraded to official 3D compatibility at some point. But the technology does seem to be in place. In fact, the point of Hamamura's comments on 3D tech was that it's not too difficult for developers to make their games 3D compatible. "It's possible that the game you were playing will one day suddenly become 3D just because you changed your TV," he said.

As reported earlier, Hamamura also spoke a bit about the 3DS. He downplayed the importance of the system's 3D capabilities and suggested that Nintendo may be keeping an even more surprising feature a secret for now.

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