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Square Enix Revives Wonder Project for Mobile

N64 title being brought back to life as iMode app.


Here's a name you probably haven't heard in ages. Square Enix has revived Wonder Project J2 as a mobile app. iMode users with 903i/703i series phones can download the app starting today (4/12).

Wonder Project J2, fully Wonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette, was originally released by Enix (well before Square and Enix merged) in 1996 as the Dragon Quest publisher's first Nintendo 64 title. Sequel to a Super Famicom title, you attempt to raise a robot girl named Josette.

The iMode version is split into two apps, a Communication volume where you train Josette, and a Story volume, where you lead Josette in an adventure on the island of Blueland. Each volume is priced at 600 points (equivalent of ¥600).

New features for the cell phone include renewed visuals, added conversation and action scenes, and new illustrations from character designer Akihiro Yamashita.

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