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Hideo Kojima Tweets About Next Title

Metal Gear creator moving into 'next title mode' even as Peace Walker work piles up.


Hideo Kojima, master of Metal Gear, and of Twitter, out of nowhere today posted a couple of Tweets about his next project.

Wrote Kojima as one of his first posts for the day, "I'm thinking about the casting for my next title. The project plan still hasn't reached a detailed level, but everything is advancing simultaneously in my head. Title, game design, story, characters, setting research, the mecha that appear, casting, graphic direction, sound, beginning and ending, the major story sequences. It comes together naturally in my head."

Later in the afternoon, after a post where he said that he'd just picked up Thomas H Cook's latest novel and World War Z from the book store, he wrote, "There's still a mountain of PW work piled up, but my head is moving towards 'Next Title Mode.' This is not good."

Expectedly, Kojima didn't say much in his posts. But the presence of "mecha" in there should indicate that, at the very least, he won't be dramatically switching gears and making a boys love sim (unless its a robot boys love sim).

UPDATE: 23:38:

The Hideo Kojima english blog has been updated with what I suppose are official translations of the relevant Tweets. I've posted them them here:

"I’m pondering over the next project’s voice cast. I still do not have the details embedded, but everything is running simultaneously in my head. The title, game design, story, characters, setting, mechs, casting, direction of the graphics, sound, beginning & ending, and key story sequences. It all molds together naturally in my head."

"I still have loads of work for PW, but my mind is in 'The Next Title Mode.' This is bad. I have to get my mind set on PW. I think about it without noticing, obsessing over it, unconsciously smiling and getting excited. Once again, thinking about 'The Next Title.'"

Bonus -- Kojima's inspiration for Metal Gear Solid 4: "In MGS4 we used the idea of 'Haven' for the theme in the game. This idea came from the information my son, at the time was in elementary school, gave me. He asked 'Dad, do you know the name of the smallest country in the world?' and lectured me about 'HavenCo' which was in the news at the time. From there, I researched about it and an idea starting brewing naturally in my head."

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