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Kojima Continues Next Project Tease

Metal Gear creator says he'll be challenging a taboo that could force him to leave the industry. 2ch posters suspect Metal Gear x Tokimeki Memorial crossover.


A mysterious Tweet today from Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima:

Wrote Kojima late at night: "The next project will challenge a certain type of taboo. If I mess up, I'll probably have to leave the industry. However, I don't want to pass by avoiding that. I turn 47 this year. It's been 24 years since I started making games. Today, I got an ally who would happily support me in that risk. Although it's just one person. For a start, it's good."

It's presumable that by "next project," Kojima is referring to the "next title" that he suddenly began mentioning in his Tweets earlier today. You can read all about that here.

He could also be referring to some sort of bizarre Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker promotional campaign. Although given all the "next title" posts from earlier today, that would seem unlikely.

2ch posters have shared their theory about the "taboo" Kojima is referring to. Of course it involves boys love:

Tokimeki Metal Gear Girl's Side 1st Mission. Catch copy: "At that instant, the bonds turn to love" and "The love story of the battle field begins on the DS."

Says Snake, "If I'm with you, the night view of Manhattan is not bad."

Features include:

  • 12 characters from the Metal Gear series (one of whom appears to be in the toilet)
  • Full voice, including the EVS (emotional voice system) where Snake and all will read out your name
  • Team up for sneak missions with the characters. Success in the missions mean your favor with the character will rise

Alas, it looks like Tokimeki Metal Gear won't see release until Valentine's Day, 2014

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