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Yuzo Koshiro Studio Brings New Action RPG to Xbox LIVE Indie Games

Ancient readying retro-styled action RPG for service, complete with music by Koshiro himself.


Just in case you thought Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Indie Games program was just for amateur developers, legendary game music composer Yuzo Koshiro has something to show you:

That's a screen shot from Mamotte Knight ("Protect Me Kngiht"), the first Xbox LIVE Indie Games title from Koshiro's development studio Ancient. Announced today, the game will be available for download this Spring.

Mamotte Knight is a 2D action RPG with Famicom-style 8-bit visuals. You select a knight from one of four jobs and make use of barricades to protect the princess from monsters. As you defeat the attacking beasts, you earn love points from the princess which can be used to upgrade your barricades and increase your character's skills. The game supports four player simultaneous play.

As with the visuals, the music in Mamotte Knight has an 8-bit flavor. Koshiro, known for his work on the Streets of Rage and Ys series, handled the music himself, so fans will definitely want to take a look... err, listen.

There's no need to wait until Spring, though. Ancient has made available a PC demo of Mamotte Knight at the game's newly opened official site. You'll need to have the xna3.1 runtime library installed in order to play it.

Even if you don't want to download the demo, you should definitely check out the official site for some visual design that will remind you of the 8-bit era. The official site has a video of the game.

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