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Variety Program Promises Dragon Quest X Info on Wednesday

Variety program probably made a typo.

Did these guys really get first access to Dragon Quest X info?

A variety television program called Tama New Town appears to be promising a reveal of some form for Dragon Quest X. That's right, "Ten" as in the next entry in Japan's biggest role playing series.

A preview at the show's official site says that as its first location shoot, the show has managed to get into Square Enix's offices and have been able to get the scoop on "Dragon Quest X extremely rare treasure information."

Square Enix hasn't revealed anything about Dragon Quest X, except that it's in development for Wii. Dragon Quest IX, however, is already out, and it has a treasure map system. One frequent promotion for DQIX is to release rare treasure maps, which players can download and use to access rare goods.

It's possible that the show's writers mixed up their roman numerals.

Mistake or not, the show is hyping up this feature, stating in a video preview (accessible at the site) "Dragon Quest fans will definitely want to watch" and "something big is going to happen, so if you don't watch it will be your loss." Apparently, a Square Enix representative will appear on the show.

Square Enix's Dragon Quest IX official blog is also hyping up the feature, promising top secret Dragon Quest information. The blog also jokes, "After watching the broadcast, Square Enix will not take any claims."

Neither the blog post nor the video preview mention DQX.

Tama New Town airs on TV Saitama on the 14th from 24:00, so we'll soon find out if Square Enix would really let a half egg man share first info on Dragon Quest X.

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