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Let's Compare Load Times with Fist of the North Star Musou

PS3 vs Xbox 360. The winner this time may surprise you.


Fist of the North Star Musou keeps on making it into the news, now two weeks after its release.

Last week, gamers discovered that there was less than meets the eye to Mamiya's download costume:

This week, a gaming blog's in-depth comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions shows some striking differences.

Most notable are the differences in load times. The site posted a six way comparison showing the time required to get into battle using different configurations, four on Xbox 360 and two on PS3.

For the 360 version, the site tried running the game off DVD and installing it in full to HDD (a 5.4 gigabyte install, which takes 10 minutes). It also tried the game both with and without using download content.

For the PS3 version, the game has a required HDD install (a 2.2 gigabyte install, which takes 5 minutes 12 seconds). The site tried the PS3 version with and without download content:

Here are the results in seconds:

  • Xbox360 (DVD): 44.344
  • Xbox360 (DVD & DLC): 61.895
  • Xbox360 (HDD): 19.169
  • Xbox360 (HDD & DLC): 38.088
  • PS3 (HDD + BD): 6.822
  • PS3 (HDD + BD & DLC): 7.706

It looks like HDD install greatly reduces load times for 360 players. However, the PS3 version still has the advantage, with a third less load time. Also notable is that the PS3 version has little difference in load time when using download content.

For a more dramatic comparison, check out this video showing all six configurations running side-by-side:

The blog also posted framerate comparison videos showing pretty similar results between the two versions. Both run at around 30 frames per second, with drop offs here and there, most extreme during the post special move finishing poses. There's no tearing in either version, though.

Screenshot comparisons and some histograms show reduced contrast for the 360 version. The writer says he prefers this.

PS3 (left) and Xbox 360 (right)
PS3 (left) and Xbox 360 (right)

For this particular multiplatform title, the site's overall recommendation is the PS3 version thanks to the faster loading and lower space requirement.

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