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This Week's Flying Get

Level-5's new project revealed! Xenoblade character details! Updated throughout the day. [updated 14:32]


Attention readers. I've changed the name of this column from "This Week's Furage" to "This Week's Flying Get." Furage was short for Flying Get anyway. Please update your programs.

As always, this column will contain the information that leaks out of magazines (Famitsu, Dengeki, etc.) on Wednesdays. The column is based primarily off Game Jouhou's summary and will be updated throughout the day as new information comes in.

In most cases, I haven't seen the magazines in question for myself, so please no wagering!

Xenoblade Characters Revealed (added 14:32)

The names for Xenoblade's hero and heroine could be vaguely heard in last week's trailer. Famitsu has a more formal introduction to the characters:

The main character. A fan of literature. He heads off on a journey with his friends to defeat the Kishin troops who attacked his village. Race: Homs, Age: 18, Height: 171cm, Voice: Shintaro Asanuma
The heroine. Childhood friend of Shulk and little sister of Dunban (below). Race: Homs, Age: 18, Height: 160cm, voice: Eri Nakao
The shirtless guy from the trailer. Hero of the Homs people, he used the Monado sword and defeated many Kishin army troops. He was injured during a major confrontation 1 year back and is now healing. Race: Homs, Age: 30, Height 180cm, voice: Ryo Horikawa
Dunban's war friend from a long time back. He watches over Shulk like a parent. Race: Homs, Age: 44, Height: 181cm, voice: Tsuyoshi Koyama
A traveling warrior. He once fought Dunban for the right to be the person who would use Monado. Race: Homs, Age: 30, Height: 195cm. Norio Wakamoto

Watch that second trailer again knowing that Fiorun is Dunban's sister. I got the wrong idea when she offered to feed him.

Lost Planet 2 X Monster Hunter (added 14:32)

Famitsu has download content info for Lost Planet 2, some of which I'm pretty sure was announced before. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 owners can look forward to costume downloads for Dead Rising's Frank West and Resident Evil's Wesker. PS3 will get an exclusive Monster Hunter monster costume. This I have to see!

Love Plus+ Dated (added 12:17)

June 24 is officially approaching "ridiculous." Atelier Totori, My Summer Vacation Portable 2, Ghost Trick, Monster Hunter Frontier, TWINKLE FREAKING QUEEN!!! These were all previously announced for June 24. And it looks like they'll have a major competitor as Konami has chosen this as the release date for Love Plus +.

As previously detailed, the second plus stands for plus two gigabits, plus new events, and plus for the Love Plus Mode. There's also an insane new system that lets you spend the weekend with the girls... in real time! See this story for more details.

Momotaro Dentetsu Set for PSP (added 12:17)

The next Momotaro Dentetsu game is coming to PSP. Famitsu reveals the game to be "Momotaro Dentetsu Tag Match Friendship, Cooperation, Winning Volume!" As indicated by the title, the game's big feature is a "tag match mode," where four players split into teams of two.

It looks like series creator Akira Sakuma shared all this information, minus the title and platform, last month via his blog. The info is buried beneath all the pics of Sakuma's day trip.

A release is set for July.

Class of Heroes Set for PS3 (added 12:04)

After two PSP installments, Acquire will be bringing Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono, known by English speakers as Class of Heroes, to the PS3. The new title will be called Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono 2G. Not "2nd G." Just "2G."

This appears to be a remake or updated port of the second PSP Class of Heroes game. It will feature full voice, an expanded character edit mode, and other new elements.

The usual players are at work on 2G. Development is being handled by Zero Div. Takayuki Harakami is producer and Ushi is character designer.

Level-5's New Game Is...

Nope... it's not "Sengoku Baseball Team." It looks like Level-5 will be teaming up with Jiro Ishii, director of 428 -- you know, the Chunsoft sound novel that got a perfect score in Famitsu. The new project, being worked on by both Ishii and Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, will feature a time travel theme. Hino describes it as "a large scale game" and "a title that could become a popular series for Level-5."

A name? It seems that Famitsu didn't provide one. As for platform, Hino apparently said "Centered on a system that's not yet in this world, it will expand to other systems. It will be this image."

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