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Sample Yuji Naka's New DS Game in Advance

DS demo hits in advance of next week's release.


Not sold on Yuji Naka's new DS/Wii game Ivy the Kiwi? Namco Bandai (that's right, Sega is not the publisher) is giving us a chance to try the game in advance. Well, the DS version at least.

A demo for the DS version hit Wii's Everyone's Nintendo Channel today. It will be available through May 5.

Those without a Wii will be able access the demo through DS Station tomorrow (4/15) and Nintendo Zone the day after (4/16).

The demo includes five stages of play, a play guide, and a portion of the story.

Screens of the DS version of Ivy The Kiwi.

Retail versions of Ivy the Kiwi hit DS and Wii on April 22. They'll be preceded by a WiiWare release on April 20 and a DSi Ware release on April 21. The download versions lack the multiplayer modes of the package versions.

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