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PSN Gets SuperGrafx Games

Battle Ace hits the download service next week. One down, six to go.


Hudson's definition of the "PC Engine" in its "PC Engine Archives" section of PSN keeps on expanding. Last month, the service took delivery of its first PC Engine CD game, Gate of Thunder. Next week, it will get its first SuperGrafx game, Battle Ace.

Released in 1989 as one of the handful of titles for the SuperGrafx platform, Battle Ace is a 3D flight shooting game in the vein of After Burner. You take control of a high powered jet called Battle Ace.

The PC Engine Archives section of PSN will also be taking delivery of a standard PC Engine/TurboGrafx title, Victory Run. This racing classic is modeled after the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Both titles will hit the service on the 21st, priced at ¥600 each.

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