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Microsoft Bundles Bayonetta and Forza with Xbox 360

The Value Pack strikes again! Top class racing and action games included at no extra cost.


Micrososft has another sweet deal on the way for its "Value Pack" series of bundles. In fact, this one may be the sweetest yet.

For the next bundle, due out on April 28, Microsoft will bundle 120 gigabyte Elite systems with Bayonetta and Forza Motorsport 3. The bundle will sell for ¥29,800.

This latest bundle is particular notable because Bayonetta and Forza are both relatively new. The current Value Pack includes Lost Planet Colonies and Ace Combat 6, both of which are available as Platinum Collection budget re-releases.

This information is based off a listing from a reliable retailer. Microsoft will presumably make formal announcement of the bundle shortly.

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