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Taiko Drum Master Sequel Set for DS

Face off against ghouls in latest portable Taiko.


Namco Bandai will be continuing its million selling portable Taiko Drum Master series with a new DS installment this summer.

First detailed in this week's Famitsu and today at Famitsu.com, the new game is titled Taiko no Tatsujin DS Dororon! Youkai Daikessen. This translates to something like Taiko Drum Master DS Dororon! Great Battle With the Ghouls (I'm going to assume "Dororon" is one of the sounds Japanese people associate with drums).

This third DS entry in the series offers 50 songs, covering such fields as anime, j-pop, classic and variety. You can see a partial list in the Famitsu.com story.

As a new feature, the game includes an "Adventure Mode" where you work through a story that takes you around Japan in a battle against ghouls. Namco Bandai promises "thrilling" performance battles for this mode.

The game also includes multiplayer. Using DS Download Play, multiple players will be able to play together via one cart.

DS owners can look forward to more Taiko Drum Master on July 1. As with past entries, the game will include a special touch pen.

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