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First Look: Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon's big official site update was just a bunch of screenshots.


It looks like the information update promised last week by the Pokemon Black & White official site was just a bunch of screenshots.

The site was updated today with the first six screens of Black & White. They're the same shots that appeared in this week's CoroCoro Comics and Famitsu, but in case you don't have access to the magazines you can now see them for yourself.

Unfortunately, the screens came without any official text. Here's a screen-by-screen look, complete with some of the speculation that appeared in Famitsu and CoroCoro. It should be noted that any "speculation" you find in Famitsu is usually on pretty solid ground.

This appears to be the new starting town. The person in front appears to be the main character (boy version).

This is the screen that's making everyone think there will be a more vertical component to the the game. The screen shows what appears to be a big city with the main character (girl version) walking around. That's presumably the Pokemon Center in front.

It looks like the Pokemon Center and Friendly Shop have been combined in one. There also appears to be a Global Terminal in the upper right. Famitsu also points out that text bubbles now have arrows connecting them to the speaker.

A dungeon screen showing off clear height differences. Famitsu also points out the rocks which appear to be glowing blue.

This scene looks like it's set on a walking bridge atop a roadway (indicated by the red car below). Famitsu also notes that it looks like the Cycling Road that appeared in past Pokemon games.

That's Zoroark in front and Zorua in back in this first battle shot. Famitsu notes that the Pokemon appear to have actual shadows and speculates that they could end up showing more dynamic movement. Looking at the background, the magazine also speculates that the battle backdrops could change based off setting and time.

Our next look at Pokemon Black & White could involve video. Last week's Pokemon Sunday promised video footage to debut in this week's episode. Expect that to be YouTubed real quick.

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