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First Look: Level-5's Time Travelers

See the first artwork. It's probably the last you'll see of the game for a long time.


Famitsu got the scoop this week on Level-5's new project, Time Travelers. That scoop didn't consist of much -- just an interview with producer Akihiro Hino and director Jiro Ishii and one piece of artwork.

The artwork was posted at Famitsu.com today.

As detailed in the Famitsu interview, Time Travelers is an original title that's in development at Level-5's Tokyo studio. The game will have a time travel component, something that Ishii appears to be particularly excited about. Hino said to expect a large scale title that Level-5 will be able to turn into a series. He also hinted that the game would be released for a platform that's not yet out.

You can read a full summary of the interview here.

Hino first alluded to Time Travelers in a March Tweet where he promised a new title announcement for April. Sure enough, he was back on Twitter following the Famitsu reveal. He wrote that now that the game has been announced, it can make its true start. He also said that he expects it to be an interesting title, with a scale not seen in the past and new gameplay systems. "I'm looking forward to it, but making it will be tough, so it's somewhat frightening."

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