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Time Travelers Official Site Opens

Level-5 formally announces its new time travel suspense title.


Level-5 opened an official site today for Time Travelers, an all new project now in development at the company's Tokyo development studio.

The official site is in a teaser state at the moment. It shows the artwork that was shared in Famitsu along with the catch copy: "A drama that no one has ever seen starts."

Time Travelers is being produced by Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino and directed by 428 director Jiro Ishii. Level-5's formal announcement of the game today referred to it as "A suspense story with the theme of time travel."

Hino (left) and Ishii (right). In their Famitsu interview, Hino revealed that he is a big fan of Ishii's 428.

The official site lists genre, platform, release date and price as all TBA. In Famitsu, Hino hinted that the game would be released for a platform that has yet to see release.

See this story for a summary of Hino and Ishii's Famitsu interview.

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