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Sony Cancels PSP Social Network Game Room

Company does not offer reason, but does promise to not let closed beta tester opinions go to waste.


One of the major PSP announcements from last year's Tokyo Game Show was "Room for PlayStation Portable," a PSP-based social networking title that promised to let users create avatars and personal spaces and share pictures and blog posts with others, all directly from the PSP.

Sony updated the Room official site today with word that it has cancelled the project. It did not provide a reason for the cancelation.

At TGS, Room was placed on playable demo along side such apps as Sony's manga viewer and Weekly Toro Station. Attendees were able to try out the title's avatar creation system.

Room was in a closed beta state at the time of its cancelation. Sony's statement said that it would make use of opinions offered by beta testers for future community services.

Room on display at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

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