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Xenoblade Official Site Updated

Get your first look, and listen, at three primary characters.


The Xenoblade official site was updated today with details and artwork for a few of the characters who were unveiled in Famitsu earlier in the week.

Access the site's character page for the look.

The site only has details on three characters: main character Shulk, heroine Fiorung, and hero of legend Dunban. The site refers to these three as "player characters," presumably indicating that you'll take control of them. There are slots for at least four more as well as an inactive tab for "sub characters."

The character profiles are mostly the same as what was shared in the Famitsu feature (see here for a summary). New information lists a character named "Rein" as accompanying Shulk on his journey to defeat the Kishin troops who attacked their village.

The site also has voice samples for the three characters. Here are some rough translations of what they're saying:

  • Shulk: "Monado... at some point, I would like to unlock the mysteries of that power"
  • Shulk: "I don't want to have anymore regrets. I will protect you!"
  • Fiorung: "I've also decided to go. Rather than staying home and worrying, I'd be more at ease if I fought along side you."
  • Fiorung: "Thank you, brother."

[Fiorung's first quote was initially mistranslated. The quote has been replaced with a proper translation.]

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