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Sony Kicks Off PSP Minis in Japan

Low priced PSP downloads hit PSN later this month.


Sony's new Japanese PSP initiative isn't called "PSP Minis," but it seems to have the same idea. Starting this month, the Japanese PlayStation Store will begin taking delivery of bite sized PSP titles priced at ¥300 each. Rather than PSP Minis, Sony refers to this as "PS Store Monthly Zaku Zaku Campaign."

The campaign will see new titles released every other week These will be pulled from three themed series:

Feel for Two
Two players can play together using one PSP
Part Time Job Hell 2000
Mini games based off silly jobs. These games are based off a 2005 PSP title of the same name.
Retro Futures
Classic titles reborn with modern stylings

Sony shared the lineup of downloads through mid May:


Feel for Two, April 22. Help a sea otter escape an attacking killer whale.

Make Drama Baseball

Feel for Two, April 22. A baseball game featuring a variety of stadiums and teams.


Feel for Two, April 22. Face off against the CPU or against a second player on the same PSP.

Totsugeki! Senshatai

Feel for Two, April 22. A strategy game where you make use of tanks to clear missions with various goals.

Macaron Reversi

Feel the Two, May 13. A Reversi game with macaron used as the pieces.

Yubi Star

Feel the Two, May 13. A take on Twister, with two players placing their fingers on the PSP screen to cover colored panels.

Quiz Animania

Feel the Two, May 13. A quiz game themed around animals.

Makiwari 2

Part Time Job Hell 2000, April 22. A wood chopping game.

Kusaimon 2

Part Time Job Hell 2000, April 22. A game of memory that promises to increase your memory abilities.

Ball Pen Koujou 2

Part Time Job Hell 2000, April 22. Attach caps to ballpoint pens in a pen factory.


Part Time Job Hell 2000, April 22. Said to be a game conversion of Schubert's Erlkönig. In this vertical scrolling action game, you control a horse and avoid obstacles as you attempt to lead a father through the forest. The father is carrying his sick son in one arm, and each time you hit an obstacle, the child's life depletes.

Kinoko or Die 2

Part Time Job Hell 2000, April 22. That's "Mushroom or Die 2." You attempt to lead an old man across a car-filled highway. You can collecting mushrooms that appear on the road for bonuses.

Save the Earth

Retro Futures, April 22. A retro-styled shooter where you attempt to save the Earth by avoiding bullets and blasting away at incoming enemies. You can make use of a "Speed Change" feature which lets you speed up your ship temporarily.

Games under the Part Time Job Hell 2000 series can be mixed and matched in packs of two.

In its writeup on this story, Game Jouhou noted that some of the games appeared in an ESRB ratings leak earlier this month. One in particular, Yubi Star, appears to be the Finger Connection game that had many people speculating about the release of a touch screen PSP.

Those who buy at least one title in a given month will get a free download for that month. Sony unveiled the downloads for April and May:

World Clock Deluxe

April's download. Shows the times from around the world in a high tech interface.

Feeling Partner 5 vs 5

May's download. A tool that helps you communicate with the opposite sex. Sony notes that May is the season for meeting people.

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