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Now Hashimoto is Tweeting About Dew Prism

Another Square Enix PlayStation classic could follow Final Fantasy IX.


A few weeks back, Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto made a few Tweets at the Square Enix Members Twitter about a possible Final Fantasy IX PSN release. A couple of weeks, one board meeting, and a trip to CEO Yoichi Wada's office later, and the game was actually announced for the retro download service.

Now Hashimoto is Tweeting about another PlayStation classic, Dew Prism. This action RPG was originally released to Japan in October 1999. A US release followed in July 2000 under the name Threads of Fate.

Similar to FFIX, the conversation started with Hashimoto asking Square Enix Members to share their opinion on Dew Prism. He didn't post the responses, but did write: "Dew Prism is extremely popular amongst some people. Perhaps we should think about a download version."

In a later post, he thanked everyone for their responses, said he'd quickly "make adjustments" with the related parties, but also noted that FFIX comes first. It looks like if there is a Game Archives release for Dew Prism, it won't come until after FFIX.

There was no mention of bringing up Dew Prism at a board meeting. Perhaps a board meeting is only required for Final Fantasy games.

Hashimoto also provided an update on FFIX's progress. "The basic program has at last started to run. Sure enough, having FF9 run in the palm of your hand is moving. First, the opening."

He also provided a horrendously encoded video:

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Is it really that tough to get a PlayStation game running on Game Archives? Or is Hashimoto just doing some advanced marketing?

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