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NieR Team Working on Download Content

Producer Yosuke Saito says download content in development and also shares a few trivia bits.


Nier executive producer Yosuke Saito said during early interviews that his team had some interesting download content ideas. It looks like we'll get to see some of those ideas.

In an interview posted at Xbox.com, Saito said that team NieR is planning download content for the game. They started working on this area immediately following completion of the main release. He did not share further details.

Elsewhere in the interview, Saito revealed a surprising connection between NieR and a previous Cavia game called Drakengard (Drag-on-Dragoon in Japan). Drakengard has multiple endings. The Tokyo Tower landmark appears in one of these endings, which is known as the "Shinjuku End." NieR actually takes place some time in the future of the world featured in this Shinjuku End.

This little connection is not clearly mentioned in the game, though. Saito assured potential NieR buyers that they have no need to worry if they've not played Drakengard.

Saito also revealed one other element that won't be clearly visible in the game. Each of the game's weapon has its own story. These will be told in magazines as "Weapon Stories." There are also plans in place to release the stories in book form at some point.

For those looking forward to playing NieR in something other than Japanese, it looks like the team spent a good amount of time on the localization aspects. Saito described translations as a difficult area of the game. Normally, they tackle localization after the Japanese version of a game has been completed. This time, they wanted to make all languages simultaneously. This caused some difficulties, as any changes to the Japanese source text required changes to all the other text.

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