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Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Links With Dragon Quest IX

Monsters from mega selling DQ game to wander over in surechigai mode.

Dragon Quest Monster Joker 2's surechigai battle system.

Square Enix is crossing over its Dragon Quests in ways that can't possibly be legal. This week's Jump reveals some connectivity between the upcoming Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and the already released Dragon Quest IX and Dragon Quest VI.

In addition to the Dragon Quest name and beasts, these three have one thing in common: they all work in "surechigai" mode, where you put you put your DS in sleep mode and data is automatically exchanged with other players whom you happen to pass by on the street. Dragon Quest IX can surechigai with other copies of Dragon Quest IX. Dragon Quest VI, with other copies of Dragon Quest VI.

Joker 2 will be able to surechigai with other copies of Joker 2. As previously detailed, you can create a team of monsters, put your DS in sleep mode, and the game will automatically begin battle with the teams set up by players you encounter on the street. These battles are fought via AI. If you win, you get some sweet treasure as a reward. You'll be able to use the scout attack command during these battles, allowing you to scout your unseen opponent's monsters.

The game's surechigai feature also lets you keep a record of players you encountered in surechigai battle. You can store up to eight players who can be called out to battle again. One use for those is for scouting. If you find your opponent's monsters too strong too scout initially, you can build up your own monsters and retry the battle.

As revealed in this week's Jump, Joker 2's surechigai is also compatible with DQIX and DQVI. When you pass by owners of the other two DQ games who have their games set to surechiga mode, monsters from the two games will appear in Joker 2. You'll be able to battle these monsters and, of course, scout them, adding them to your group of monster allies.

Expectedly, this crossover is a one-way thing. DQIX and DQVI players won't see any changes when they encounter a Joker 2 player.

Joker 2 hits on April 28, just in time for Golden Week.

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