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Watch For These Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Ads at Train Stations

Plus, what is Hideo Kojima's "confidential project"? Yes, it's another Twitter update.


Hideo Kojima gave us a look today at a couple of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker billboard ads. Of course, this update comes our way via Kojima's Twitter account.

The above ads were produced following some colorization edits. They're just samples, though. The final versions will be 16 times larger.

Kojima says to watch for the ads in Shinjuku and Shibuya. They look like train station ads to me, so mass commuters should be on the lookout!

In other "Hey, look what Hideo Kojima is Tweeting" news, it looks like the Metal Gear creator has another project in the works, separate from the next project that he's alluded to in past Tweets.

Pulled from the English version of Kojima's Twitter today:

Kojima first wrote: "Just finished up an emergency meeting regarding the business trip that we could not make this week. Moving on to another meeting for a confidential project in the works."

He followed up with: "I’m going to leave my next project to the side while I focus on the 'Confidential Project.'"

Is this another game? Or another wacky Peace Walker promotion?

The business trip cancellation, incidentally, could have something to do with the Iceland volcano eruption. Kojima Tweeted last week about a business trip possibly being affected by this.

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