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Roppongi Dragon Quest Bar Levels Up

What happens when a bar goes up in level? We'll find out next week!


Square Enix's Roppongi-based Dragon Quest-themed bar, Luida's Bar, is undergoing some changes to commemorate next week's release of Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. Or, to put it in Square Enix's own terms, the facility is about to level up to Level 2.

When you level up in an RPG, you usually gain added HP and skills. So what happens when a bar levels up? It's not entirely clear, but it does look like a portion of the current menu will either be cancelled or see renewal. Items like the Dragon Tail Supe and Luida's Pumpkin Salad are on the way out. The Nene's Box Lunch Plate and Hassan & Ryan's Nigirimeshi set will be renewed.

Prior to the April 28 level up, Square Enix will be holding a countdown event at the facility. Starting today (4/20) and running through the 27th, you'll be able to sample a portion of the level 2 menu in advance at no charge. Additionally, Square Enix Members will be able to get a free drink. There will also be some prize opportunities.

This is actually the first in a series of planned level-ups for the facility. Perhaps the next update will come this summer with Wii's Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory.

Changes to the menu.

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