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Final Fantasy Agito XIII and 3rd Birthday Director Provides Status Updates

PSP looks like it will have two major releases from Square Enix.


Hajime Tabata is director of Final Fantasy Agito XIII and The 3rd Birthday. With two highly anticipated PSP titles under his watch, he's got to be one busy man. In fact, according to Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto at the Square Enix Members Twitter, he's "the most busy director right now."

But Tabata was able to find some time to field a couple of questions on these two games for the Square Enix Members Twitter. This is the latest in a series of mini developer interview sessions which have, of late, been our only way to get updates about Square Enix's biggest upcoming games.

Tabata first provided an update on The 3rd Birthday, a sequel in the Parasite Eve series. Since the start of the year, the game's development has moved into full production mode. He describes the staff as "cream of the crop" and says that they're producing a game that will exceed expectations. "We should have the chance to show it off it shortly."

3rd Birthday main character Aya. Aside from some extremely early gameplay footage that was shown at last year's Tokyo Game Show, we haven't seen much on the Parasite Eve series sequel.

On Agito XIII, he wrote "Development is progressing well. The reaction was extremely positive when we showed the development version to the producers, management and marketing team in March. The whole staff is excited. We won't be able to show it for a bit, but it's looking like it will become an awesome game."

Old screenshots of Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The game's platform switch from mobile to PSP was announced almost two years ago.

Perhaps we can expect an E3 glimpse at at least one of these?

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