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These Are Your Strike Witches Bonus Items

In case a Nendoroid figure isn't enough. Plus, all about this latest Xbox 360 shooter.


Buyers of the Strike Witches limited edition already knew they'd be getting some of this:

That's main character Yoshika Miyafuji in Nendoroid form. You'll get two facial expressions, a backpack, a tail, and other parts in addition to the figure.

Worth the jump in price from the standard version's ¥7,329 to the limited edition's ¥11,529? If not, here's something to sweeten the deal.

Cyberfront will be giving retailer-separate bonuses to limited edition buyers. Sofmap and Gamers buyers will get telephone cards. Imagine buyers will get a Tosho card.

These are sample designs for the cards:

Left to right: Sofmap, Gamers, Imagine.

Developed by 0 Day Attack on Earth developer Gulti, Strike Witches is a side scrolling Xbox 360 shooter that's based off the like-named anime and mixed-media property. You control the members of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing division and face off against the invading Neuroi.

The game's story mode is set in Europe in 1944 following the first Strike Witches anime. The 501st Joint Fighter Wing find themselves in an unexpected conflict. You'll select from four preset teams of witches, each with a unique story whose endings is determined by your actions. The show's cast members reprise their roles for the fully voiced story sequences.

In arcade mode, you're free to form a team of three witches from eleven available characters. You can also select an aerial formation. This mode offers a practice mode and score attack mode that allows for online score rankings with other 360 owners.

Xbox 360 owners can look for Strike Witches on July 29.

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