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All About Super Dimensional Game Neptune

Compile Hearts' PS3 RPG is an "hilarious" parody on the game industry.


First details on Super Dimensional Game Neptune came via a tiny blurb in Famitsu. Now Compile Hearts has provided a more detailed look at the game.

As previously detailed, Super Dimensional Game Neptune is a new PS3 RPG with a completely wacky premise that seems to blend video game parody with (I'm going to say this even though it pisses people off) anime chicks. Set in the world of Game Industry, you take control of a character named Neptune and attempt to stop the plot of the vile Majicon (that's what they call piracy devices here).

Game Industry is split into at least two parts: a world of gods and a lower world.

In the god world, four goddesses, Purple Heart, Black Heart, Green Heart and White Heart, have been waging a heated battle -- a heated hardware battle. Each goddess is guardian to a floating continent located in the god world, respectively Planetune, Lastation, Rinnebox and Ruwii. The population of these worlds -- their market share -- serves as energy for the goddesses. By increasing their market share, the goddesses gain an advantage in the hardware war.

Just because they're fighting a hardware war does not mean they hate each other. Black Heart considers Purple Heart a good rival. Green Heart considers Purple Heart an opponent who is difficult to defeat. White Heart hates how Purple Heart is so honest and frank.

These goddesses are all capable of transforming into three forms: human form, hardware personification form, and hardware form. The above forms are the hardware personification forms.

For Purple Heart, the human form is our main character, Neptune, shown here:

As for Purple Heart's hardware form, it may be this:

That's the art from the game's pre-announcement countdown teaser site. In its recent update on the game, Compile Hearts provided a larger version of the art again.

It also shared specifications for the Neptune hardware:

Conversation Operating System: AI Neptune Model. Capable of offering a variety of support using its AI. Simply state your desire and it can perform such things as complex network settings. As you use it, it will come to understand your likes and will offer better support.
A sixth generation multi bio chip operating at 512.16THz. Using an ecology core unit, it's able to form appropriate pathways. This ecology core unit becomes capable of forming better pathways as you run a variety of software. It is recommended that you do not use energy drinks and toppings to increase the clock speed.
8TBx16 main memory and 120gn sixth generation neuron memory embedded in the processor. The ecology unit has 120 billion nerve cell memory units.
SFHD-X7250 GPU compatible with direct image output.
8PBx4. Realizes 32 petabytes through four drives.
Quad PRD (Purple-Ray Disc) Drive. Capable of games, sound media playback, movie media playback and recording. Multi disc games can be played with no need to swap discs.
Self power unit with life expectancy of 50 years. During standby mode, can power old household appliances.
Outputs a variety of information, including video, audio and shocks, through a Brain Wave Controller.
Includes one Brain Wave Controller and one socket.
Socket (multi-tap)

Neptune will be joined by other characters on her adventure. They're shown in this character relationship chart from the official site:

That's Neptune in the middle next to Purple Heart. Below Neptune are two friends whose names are not revealed. These four are listed as "main character's party."

In the lower box, the brown-haired girl to the left is a young girl who travels the world selling items. The blue-haired girl to her right is a hot blooded young girl who says she's a hero of righteousness.

The three other goddesses are shown to the right in their hardware personification form. The slots to the left are for the "hardware" versions of the three.

The box at the top lists a character named Istoire. Istoire is a history book who knows everything about the world. He seeks Neptune's help in saving the world when the Goddess Majicon makes monsters appear throughout the lower world.

Neptune heads out on her quest but loses her memory and must rely on Istoire's help. Unfortunately, Istoire's knowledge is locked away and can only be accessed once Neptune has collected key fragments.

Aside from some of the terminology, it may seem a bit difficult to see the game industry ties here. The connections may end up being a bit on the subtle side. The following four characters, for instance, are supposed to be personifications of certain game companies:

Can you figure out who they are? (For the record, Sega, Gust, Nippon Ichi, Idea Factory and Compile Heart all appear in the copyright.).

Compile Hearts has only shared a few vague details on the various gameplay systems you'll encounter in Super Dimensional Game Neptune:

Disc is the name of a special skill Neptune uses to summon suport characters. The discs can apparently summon game characters. You can edit these characters by loading up images from your PS3's photo album.
Process Unit
Neptune, being a piece of game hardware, can be upgraded. By attaching special processor units in the various areas of her body, you'll be able to modify the visuals and capabilities of her transformed form.
Combo Make System
A system that lets players freely customize the commands for unleashing skills. This means you can set the inputs for your skills. What those skills are is a mystery at this point.

Super Dimensional Game Neptune is set for Summer release. Compile Heart will offer a standard version at ¥7,329 and a limited edition at ¥9,429. The content of the limited edition is currently being kept under wraps.

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