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More Combat Details at The Last Story Blog

New Mistwalker Wii RPG to mix realtime and command-based combat.


Last week's blog entry for The Last Story provided an intriguing first glimpse at the RPG's battle system with a focus on the keywords "chaos" and "order." Column 8 went live today with an exciting teaser image and a few additional combat details.

"We wanted to make a new type of RPG battle," writes the game's director about how the staff approached the game's battle system. "We wanted a system that merged real time battles with command selection, something that had an action feel but would also make you think. After much trial and error, we came to the current form."

Joining the "Gathering" and "Pointing" terminology from the last blog post, the director here mentions "Magic Circle." This is apparently something that remains on the battle field after your magic strikes. While not saying exactly what the "Magic Circle" is, the director describes it as an "important element." There are a variety of types of circles, including "recovery" and "flame" types.

Regarding the "thought" part of the battle system, the director says that time will freeze while you're inputting commands. You'll also be able to give orders to your AI-controlled party members.

The director finishes: "Combat in The Last Story is powered by a system that blends action with command selection.

The game's producer gives some background on battle system creation in general. "Before making characters and stages, you have to create the battle structure." With this thinking in mind, The Last Story's development consisted of a lengthy period showing red and blue scribblings as the characters in combat.

According to the producer, the staff required a great amount of test time to properly show the battle system's concept of "Order and Chaos."

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