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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker North American Version Done

The latest from Hideo Kojima's Twitter.

Overseas players own't have to wait too long.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker's Japanese version, which arrives on the 29th, was completed long ago. Since then, Kojima Productions has been working on the game's international versions, which are being released after a couple months delay.

It looks like they've reached a major milestone in readying the game for overseas release. At his Twitter today, Hideo Kojima revealed that the North American version is complete. Now all that remains is the European version.

Even though there's still some work to do on Peace Walker, both for overseas localizations and domestic promotions, Kojima's thoughts appear to be wandering to future projects. He also Tweeted today about two items he's mentioned in past Tweets: his "confidential project" and his "next project."

Regarding the "confidential project," which he first mentioned yesterday, it appears that Kojima and his staff had a meeting about this today. Kojima has yet to specify what this project is exactly. He hasn't specifically referred to it as a game, so it may very well be a wacky Peace Walker promotion.

On his "next project," which Kojima suddenly mentioned on his Twitter last week, he wrote that he continues to break off into thoughts about this, considering such areas as game design, casting, story, and the opening.

We hopefully won't have to wait for too long after Peace Walker to hear specifics on this mystery project.

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