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Xenoblade Trailer 3 Hits

The Monado sword's true power revealed?


Nintendo skipped out last week on what seemed to be a weekly schedule for Xenoblade trailers. They made up for the miss this week with the most exciting trailer yet.

Xenoblade Trailer 3: The Omen hit the Everyone's Nintendo Channel today and was quickly posted to YouTube. Stream it here:

The trailer begins with hero Shulk, heroine Fiorung and legendary hero Dunban expressing shock at what appears to be an aerial raid. An alarm sounds out through town, and some soldiers comment that the alarm is different from usual. Mechanical creatures fall to the town and begin to attack the populace, who flee in panic. The sequence ends with our trio of heroes facing off against one of the creatures.

The next sequence begins with Shulk describing the red Monado sword, which he says is easily capable of slicing through the Kishin armored troops. We see a character unable to control the sword as it comes to life, and Shulk wonders if it's possible to understand the secrets of the sword.

One of those secrets appears to be revealed in the next scene. We see Dunban, who once wielded the sword, unable to control it now as Kishin troops approach. He's told by a companion that he should no longer use the sword. Shulk grabs the sword and charges at the troops. To Dunban's surprise, he's able to wield the sword and dodge incoming enemy fire. Shulk comments that with the sword, he's able to see just a bit into the future. Dunban wonders if that is the sword's hidden power.

Shulk performs some impressive moves, making a female soldier exclaim "Amazing! This is your power!?" To which Shulk responds, "It's not me. It's Monado that is showing it."

The last few dialogue bits as the trailer comes to a close revolve around the Monado sword. One character says that the sword likely has additional powers. Another character seems to want to get his hands on the Monado in order to achieve something.

All this seems to be hinting at a Monado-focused update at the official site later this week.

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