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What does Hideo Kojima do when he finishes a game?

He practices signing his signature, of course.


Wondering what an industry big shot like Hideo Kojima does when he finishes a major title like Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker?

Kojima provided the answer at his Twitter today:

Those are thank-you notes to the people who helped out with or provided support for Peace Walker's development. Kojima likes to sign them personally.

They're also including a copy of Peace Walker with the note, although I wonder which would fetch more at auction.

In other Kojima Twitter news, Kojima recently wrote about the game's development schedule.

From the official English language version of the Twitter: "I had PW’s plot design a couple years back but, we officially started the project August 2008. Then in September we had a project get-away. In December we got the details narrowed down for the project and the MGS4 staff came back to the studio safely after their long vacation. The story concept was solidified in March and narrowed down to a script in June. Then voice recording started the following month. In reality, the development period was only one year."

One year for a perfect score in Famitsu!

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