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Harvest Moon DS Gets a Date and a "Sweet" Promotion.

Yuka Nanjou and Kyoko Hinami to produce original sweet for latest farming game.


Harvest Moon Twin Village Was originally scheduled for February 25 release but suffered a last minute delay in late January. Today, Marvelous announced a new final date of July 8 for the game.

This latest entry in the farming series gets its name from its premise. In typical Harvest Moon fashion, you play as a character who dreams of managing a farm. This time, however, you have two neighboring villages to choose from as your base of operations. One village has lots of animals. The other is known more for its crops. The two villages were once on good terms, but something happened that turned them into rivals.

Marvelous will be collaborating with all-you-can-eat sweets restaurant Sweets Paradise for a promotion. In July, the restaurant will offer an original sweet produced by Twin Village image girls Yuka Nanjou and Kyoko Hinami. Further details on the promotion will be announced at the official site.

Yuka (left) and Kyoko (right).

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