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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker World Tour Detailed

Find out where you need to be to see Kojima and Shinkawa speak.


Konami has shared final details on its upcoming Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker World Tour event. The promotional tour was first announced at the Peace Walker completion ceremony press conference a couple of weeks back.

The World Tour will see Hideo Kojima and other staff members travel the world to promote Peace Walker's release. Konami held a similar tour for Metal Gear Solid 4's release two years ago.

As Peace Walker arrives first in Japan, the tour kicks off in Japan too. On April 29, Peace Walker's release day, Kojima and crew will appear at multiple shops in Tokyo. They'll travel to the Kansai area in the coming days, then head out to Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong the following week. The tour's North American and European legs are set for June, timed with Peace Walker's release in those territories.

You can see a full schedule at a special tour page Kojima Productions has set up. The page is viewable in Japanese and English.

For the Japanese part of the tour, the schedule looks like this:

April 29, 10:00
Labi Ikebukuro Mobile Dream Hall. Talk Event with appearances by Hideo Kojima and art director Yoji Shinkawa. The first 150 people who buy the game at the shop will be admitted.
April 29, 13:00 (event opens at 12:00)
Yodobashi Camera Yokohama. Talk event with appearances by Kojima, Shinkawa and members of the voice cast. No requirements for admission.
April 29, 17:00 (event opens at 16:30)
Games Maya Kasai. Sign event with Kojima, Shinkawa and special guest Yumi Kikuchi. First 100 who purchase at the shop will gain admission.
May 1, 13:00
Meitetsu Hyakkaten, Nagoya. Talk and sign event with Kojima and Shinkawa. All will be admitted to the talk event. 200 will be chosen by raffle for the signing.
May 2, 13:00
Labi 1 Nanba, Oksaka. Talk and sign event with Kojima and Shinkawa. Same entry requirements as the Nagoya event.

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