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Sony Computer Entertainment Moving Out of Aoyama

Toro and Kuro will have to change the route for their next marathon.

SCE staff outside the Aoyama building at the end of the Toro Station Marathon in 2008.

Nikkei reports today that Sony Computer Entertainment will be moving its headquarters to Sony's main office building in Tokyo's Shinagawa area. The move is being made to strengthen the connectivity between Sony's various businesses.

SCE currently runs its main operations out of a building in Tokyo's Aoyama area. A number of related branches operate out of offices in the surroundings of that building.

All employees both in the main SCE building and its surrounding offices will make the move to Shinagawa this year. Of SCE's 1,400 employees, 1,000 will move to the Shinagawa Sony City building this Fall. The remaining employes will move to buildings in that area before the end of the year.

SCE has been located in the Aoyama area since it began operations in 1993. The first floor of the building is used as a PlayStation promotional space, with visitors able to sample game demos and see PlayStation brand product.

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