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Media Create Sales Chart Updated

New Super Mario Bros. Wii leads the way once again.

Screen from the PS3 and Xbox 360 remake of the original No More Heroes.

The rankings page has been updated with Media Create's sales data covering April 12 through April 19.

The basic story is unchanged from Enterbrain's sales chart. New Super Mario Bros. Wii topped the charts for the second week, joined in the top ten by past releases like Pro Baseball Spirits and Fist of the North Star Musou.

Different from the Enterbrain chart, Mario Kart Wii didn't make the top 10 in the Media Create chart, but did reach 15.

No More Heroes was the only newcomer to make it into the top 10. At 16,000 unit sales, the PS3 version barely beat out the Xbox 360 version's 15,000 sales. The two versions have slightly differing content, with the Xbox 360 version rated an adults-only Z and the PS3 version rated a more accessible D.

Also debuting in the top 30 this week were Soukoku no Kusabi: Hiiro no Kakera 3 Portable (Idea Factory, PSP) at 17, and Clover no Kuni Alice (Prototype, PS2) at 19.

See the full Media Create software chart here. Hardware sales and the full top 50 will be released later in the week.

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