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Sony Opens Toro Station Lounge in PS Home

Meet up with Toro and Kuro and put on your very own cat head.


Two of Sony's showpiece PlayStation Network contents are teaming up. Sony opened the Weekly Toro Station Lounge in PlayStation Home today (4/22).

This latest PS Home lounge is themed around Weekly Toro Station, a free variety app for the PS3 and PSP. Visitors to the lounge will be able to move around in a city setting that looks like it was pulled straight from the app, and also communicate with Toro, Kuro and other mascots.

Expectedly, the lounge also serves as a means for Sony to sell goods that fans may have a tough time resisting. A "Toro's House" personal space, which looks just like the house from Weekly Toro Station, sells for ¥700. Once you've obtained this, you'll be able to boot up Weekly Toro Station directly from Home.

Sony is also making available avatar items, including Toro and Kuro heads, and furniture at prices ranging between ¥100 and ¥200. These items can be purchased from a shop within the lounge, as well as from the marketplace.

Visit the "Small Restaurant 980 Yen" shop in the lounge, and you'll find a free item -- the television that appears in the Weekly Toro Station app.

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