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Your Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus Track List

New soundtrack to include prototype music tracks.


Square Enix shared today a full track list for the Final Fantasy XIII Original Soundtrack Plus soundtrack.

As previously detailed, this second Final Fantasy XIII soundtrack includes music that was added for the overseas version of FFXIII. Additionally, the soundtrack includes prototype music that cannot be heard elsewhere.

Here's a full track list:

  • 1. PV Final Fantasy XIII 2007 JFS
  • 2. PV Final Fantasy XIII 2006 E3
  • 3. M1 No.2 title αVersion
  • 4. M3 No.4 BossA αVersion
  • 5. M306 OPN2 Unmei he no Hanmei Paramekia Totsunyuu Version
  • 6. Hope_PfNer3
  • 7. M42E Sunleth Waterscape Overseas Version
  • 8. M36A Gapra Whitewood Instrumental
  • 9. M74_2 PRO Shukumei e no Aragai No Chorus Version
  • 10. M64E Cocoon de Chocobo English Version
  • 11. M33 Lightning NW Version
  • 12. M181 Shugeki2 Prototype
  • 13. M44B Sazh B+ Prototype
  • 14. M106 Last Battle Prototype+
  • 15. M5_2 Senkou Long Version
  • 16. M42 Sunleth Waterscape Instrumental

Square Enix also opened a full official site for the soundtrack today. Go there for some sound samples, and a message from composer Masashi Hamauzu.

The Plus soundtrack hits on May 26 at ¥2,500.

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