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Nintendo Teams With Bear Song Maker For Monkey Band

New DSiWare download appears to make monkeys sing your musical creations.


What's next for the studio that made "Bear Song," a game about polar bears singing songs? Would you believe "Monkey Band?"

That's the name of Muu Muu's latest, which Nintendo will be publishing as a 800 DSi Point DSiWare download on April 28.

The game's full name is "Tsukatte Utau Saru Band," or "Make and Sing: Monkey Band." The game's genre is "Omakase Song Maker."

"Omakase" is a Japanese word that basically means you entrust someone with doing something for you. In this case, it looks like you're entrusting the DS to sing the songs you make.

That's what Monkey Band seems to be about based off the short video Nintendo has shared at a newly opened info page.

The video shows a band of monkeys singing a song. They welcome you to Sarudamon Kingdom ("Sarudamon" can be read "Hey, we're monkeys!") and say they love music and want to make lots of songs with you. This is all sung in a digitized voice that sounds like the DS may be reading user-made lyrics.

The site promises more details to come at an official site shortly.

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