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It's Peace Week

So says Hideo Kojima as Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker's Thursday release approaches.


It's Peace Week, says Hideo Kojima at his Twitter.

The writer and director of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker woke up Monday and, after his regular 6 am greeting (yes, he's an early riser), wrote: "Monday. Peace Week starts from today. A variety of collaboration goods, and at last PW, will see release. The world tour will also begin. All the pieces will be filled, and we'll start the walk to Peace."

Kojima's work isn't done yet. In a later post, he wrote that he has "a mountain" of work remaining. He has to prepare for events like the World Tour, take part in interviews, check articles and manuscripts for accuracy, and check videos and printed materials. He also has projects outside of Peace Walker to deal with.

A busy man, but it looks like there's always time for gum:

That's a special orange gum made by a Nakamura from the Boktai project to commemorate Peace Walker's release.

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