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This Week's Slightly Early Flying Get

New Square Enix yoge! New Atelier Totori characters! Shinji Mikami warming up to PS3?


Thursday is a holiday, so this week's flying get column "flew in" a bit earlier than usual.

As always, the information you see here originates from people who manage to magically get Famitsu, Dengeki and the likes ahead of their street dates. Since I'm on a 2channel strike, I base the text off the summaries at Game Jouhou.

None of the information has been verified, so please no wagering!

Check back throughout the day for updates.

[Update 23:50 -- flying get updates have ended. Check the main site for further details.]

KOF Sky Stage Set for PSP (added 19:15)

SNK Playmore is bringing the KOF Sky Stage vertical shoot-em-up to the PSP this July. Only it has a different name: Neo Geo Heroes Ultimate Shooting.

The arcade KOF Sky Stage is playable in this game's "Sky Stage" mode. Outside of that, you'll also find Neo Geo Heroes Mode, where you freely select a character and attempt to clear the stages, Challenge Mode, which serves as a survival mode, and Multiplayer Mode, a wireless combat mode. There's also a Museum Mode image and sound gallery.

Characters include Akari Ichijou, Marco Rossi, Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Iroha, Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Athena Asamiya and Kula Diamond.

It seems a bit odd that SNK would dump the relatively new KOF Sky Stage into a larger game as one mode of play, so you may want to wait for verification on this one.

From the 360 version of Sky Stage.

Shinji Mikami Still Doesn't Have a PS3 (added 19:02)

Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami may be working on the PS360 Vanquish for Platinum Games, but he still doesn't have a PS3. That could change shortly, though. In an interview this week, Mikami said that after seeing Uncharted 2 and God of War 3, he's in a state that can be described as being at the point of indecision before buying the system.

New BlazBlue Continuum Shift Characters (added 19:02)

It looks like the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of BlazBlue Continuum Shift will be getting additional characters:

Platina the Trinity
A young girl with a split personality. She seems to view Ragna as an enemy. Voiced by Aoi Yuki
A Kaka soldier who has a little sister-like relationship with Taokaka. She's Rachel's butler. Voiced by Kaori Yagi.

High Marks For Dragon Quest and Lost Planet (added 17:16)

Because you seem to like scores, here are the latest:

  • Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2: 10, 9, 9 9 (Famitsu)
  • Trick DS: 7, 7, 8, 7 (Famitsu)
  • Lost Planet 2: 95, 85, 85, 75 (Dengeki PS)
  • Lost Planet 2: 10, 9, 9, 9 (Famitsu X360)
  • Senko no Rondo DUO: 7, 7, 8, 7 (Famitsu X360)
  • Splinter Cell Conviction: 9, 9, 9, 10 (Famitsu X360)

There are so few Famitsu scores this week because Japan is off on Golden Week next week and there won't be any game releases. Dragon Quest comes out this week (Square Enix games are often reviewed the same week as their release rather than the usual week before) and Trick comes out on the 13th. Lost Planet 2 comes out on the 20th, so its Famitsu review will likely come in the issue that's due on the 13th.

Aqua Plus Supports Sony (added 17:16)

Aqua Plus will be announcing PS3 and PSP titles by the end of the year. Aqua Plus is the publisher of such games as White Album (on the way to PS3), Tears to Tiara Gaiden (PS3) and To Heart (PS2).

Torne Tears Up the Charts (added 17:16)

We've been hearing about how successful Sony's Torne DVR kit has been. Now we have a specific figure. It seems that the device has sold 161,299 units.

I'm not sure of the source for the figure, but given the very specific number, I'd guess it's either Enterbrain (meaning Famitsu) or ASCII (meaning Dengeki). In other words, it's not a Sony-provided figure.

Xbox 360 Owners Can Make Their Own Bride (added 14:40)

Idea Factory's latest love sim is for Xbox 360. In "My Wife: A Wife All Your Own," you experience newlywed life with a custom made wife.

You can customize your wife's looks, personality, voice, birthday and name. During the game, you'll be able to play mini games like quiz challenges and even a game where you attempt to drink a single can of juice with your wife (a difficult task I guess?).

Download content will offer special voice data for your wife. These will feature voices of famous voice actresses. Themes include "old friend type," "little sister type," "big sister type" and "Cinderella Princess type."

In case you're wondering why this game is coming to the Xbox 360, the love sim genre is one of the few genres the 360 dominates here. The other is the 2D arcade shooter.

My Wife is due for release in August.

Square Enix Goes Xtreme (added 14:27)

Yes, the whole "Extreme" thing died years ago, but Square Enix apparently didn't get the message. The Final Fantasy publisher has a new game label: "Square Enix Extreme Edge."

This label will be used for foreign games that Square Enix publishes in Japan. Not all foreign games, though. Just ones that have have "extreme" qualities. This apparently includes games rated between the D and Z (the latter is the rating for adults-only games like Grand Theft Auto).

It also seems that Square Enix aims to deliver simultaneous Japanese releases for Eidos titles from here on out.

I'm not sure if the "Extreme" is written with an "E" or just an "X." For laughs, I'm rooting for the latter.

Big Heads Go HD At Last (added 13:31)

PS3 owners have had multiple installments of Konami's realistic Pro Baseball Spirits series. But big-headed baseball has yet to go HD.

That will change with Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2010. This year's installment will at last move away from the PS2 and onto the PS3. A PSP version is also in the works.

Changes for this year include:

  • A dynamic camera system which shows close ups during plays
  • 12 success mode scenarios
  • New pennant race system that uses "Growth Cards"
  • Face editor

Both versions hit on July 14. The PS3 one will run ¥6,980, with the PSP version going for ¥5,250.

The PS2 version of Power Pro Baseball 2009.

New Atelier Totori Characters

Two new Atelier Totori characters are revealed in this week's Dengeki PlayStation:

An 18-year-old adventurer from Totooria's town, and a good friend to Cecilia. She has great abilities as an adventurer. She's not good in formal situations and will joke around during serious situations. Voiced by Rouko Shintani.
A 22-year-old genius scientist. He likes to make modifications to machines that he discovers in ruins. Although one could call him a "machine otaku," he has a bright personality and is sociable. He hopes that one day everyone will be able to naturally use machines. Voiced by Susumu Chizu.

Nippon Ichi's Latest Visual Novel

Dengeki PS has a first report on "Second Novel: The Girl's Summer, 15 Minute Memory." This PSP visual novel from Nippon Ichi is set for UMD and PSN release on July 29.

The story takes place in two time frames: the past and present. Five years in the past, a boy student falls from the roof of his school. A girl named Ayano jumps off after him but survives. However, she becomes afflicted with a condition that makes it so that she can only remember things for 15 minutes.

You play as a boy named Naoya. By climbing back through Ayano's memories, you'll attempt to learn the truths of the incident from 5 yeas back.

Square Enix Does the Yoge

"Yoge" is what hardcore Japanese gamers call Western games. With its acquisition of Eidos, Square Enix established itself as an instant force in Yoge.

This week's Dengeki PlayStation reveals Square Enix's domestic plans for three western titles:

  • Blur: Set for July 22
  • Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days: Set for 8/26
  • Singularity: Set for 2010

Dengeki PS only confirms the PS3 versions of these multiplatform titles, of course, but given Square Enix's track record, they'll probably be released here on 360 as well.

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