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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker's CODEC System Detailed

Briefing Files let you revisit lengthy dialogue sequences when you're done playing.


Konami keeps on finding new things to share about Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. The latest update at the Kojima Productions blog provides a look at the game's CODEC system. There's more to this system than just the mid-mission chatter of past Metal Gear games.

There are two types of CODEC systems in Peace Walker: Real Time CODEC and Briefing Files.

The Real Time CODEC system involves com messages that you receive and send during the course of the mission. This system is similar to past Metal Gear Solid games with exception to one area. You don't cut out into a separate CODEC screen to hear the messages. The reason for this change is that Peace Walker is multiplayer, so players need to advance while hearing the messages.

These messages are fully voiced for those who've installed the game to Memory Stick. If you choose not to install, the messages will be text only.

If you've played the Peace Walker demo, you've heard the Real Time CODEC system through the messages Miller sends you. In the final game, Snake will obtain a wireless com unit in the prologue and will be able to send messages out himself. Other characters besides Miller will respond as well.

The Real Time CODEC messages are brief, as you're advancing through a mission and can't exactly chatter away. The Briefing Files, on the other hand, could be much more substantial conversations.

Briefing Files are taped recordings of your pre mission CODEC briefings. You hear these briefings after selecting your mission and before dispatching. There's no worry about being attacked by an enemy, so these go on much longer than the real time CODEC messages. Topics of conversation include geographical information, information about the state of affairs in the 70s, and general conversation that may not be related to the mission.

These briefings are taped in the form of Briefing Files so that you can hear them later when you get a chance -- perhaps on the train or bus. Those who just want to get on with the game can initially skip the briefings and can hear more of the story and characterization by revisiting the files later.

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