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Nintendo's Monkey Band Works Like This

Input your own songs, or leave the dirty work to the Prince of the monkey kingdom.


Late last week, Nintendo announced its latest DSi Ware release, Monkey Band. Now here are some actual details on the game based off a major update at the official site.

Monkey Band is set in Sarudamon Kingdom, which is populated by music loving monkeys. Saruno, Prince of Sarudamon, will lead his monkey citizens in singing the songs that you create.

You have three methods of creating a song: "Make a Song For a Person," "Make a Song From a Theme," and "Make a Hand Written Song." These are detailed here:

Make a Song From a Theme

This option gives you a number of preset themes -- things like soccer, school life, love, and Sengoku. After selecting your theme, you select the image of your song -- things like "cute," "wild" and "bitter sweet."

Based off the image you've selected, Saruno will write lyrics for you. You're free to swap lines in and out to your liking.

After the song has been written, you can select an arrangement genre. Options include punk, serious, samba, enka, and hip hop. Saruno will then create your song. You can modify the song's tone, tempo and rhythm.

Your songs can be saved for future listening and editing. You can store up to 120.

If you don't want to go through the hassle of creating your own song, you can select to have Saurno go at it ad-lib. When listening in this mode, you can choose to save songs that you like.

Make a Song For a Person

You start this mode out by registering profiles for your friends. You can record nickname, interests, favorite foods, charm point, and other areas. The game can store up to 10 people.

After selecting the person for whom you want to create your song, the process is the same as in the theme section. You select an image, edit the lyrics to your liking, and Saruno takes care of the rest.

Make a Hand Written Song

This mode lets you create a 9 line song by freely inputting text with the stylus. The monkeys will be able to sing your lyrics. Leave a line blank, and the monkeys will sing a "la la la" for that line.

After creating your song, you select an arrangement, tone, tempo and rhythm, and Saruno takes care of the rest.

You can see videos of Monkey Band's three song creation modes at the official site.

Monkey Band is available for download today at 800 DSi Points.

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