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Agarest Senki Zero Xbox 360 Version Officially Official

Compile Hearts adding new features for 360 owners.


In case you didn't believe the retailer Twitter feed. In case you didn't believe the pre-order slip. Here's some totally solid proof that Agarest Senki Zero is coming to Xbox 360.

Famitsu.com confirms today that Compile Heart will be releasing an Xbox 360 version of the game under the name Agarest Senki Zero Dawn of War.

The original Agarest Senki Zero first hit the PlayStation 3 in June 2009. This RPG tells the story of a battle between the forces of light and darkness. The story spans two generations, with the player's choice of heroines leading to a second generation hero of differing abilities.

New features for the 360 version include:

  • One new costume.
  • Additional artwork that for various reasons could not be included in the PS3 version.
  • An event gallery viewer mode.
  • Costume change feature. The heroines will change their costumes based off their favor with you. Including costumes offered as download content, each girl will have 7 costumes.

As revealed in the earlier leaks, Dawn of War will hit 360 on July 29, priced at ¥7,140. See the Famitsu.com report for first screens.

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